A downloadable game for Windows

Roboventure - a game which is worth a try if you like platformers.
The game started at Bomber City, a city where rules the Bombermen. In the city nobody has a specific name - all of them are named Bombermen.
The Bomber City is a friendly city but after one of the villagers went destructive and planted 99 bombs all over the city the Bomber City was about to get crushed... but a robot named Defuse-o-Robot from the Robot City came to visit the Bomber City. He was made to defuse bombs and here in the Bomber City he met one of the villagers and agreed to help with the bomb defusing.

Will you be able to defuse all 99 bombs and defeat the destructive guy?

Tags8-Bit, Robots

Install instructions

1. Open the win32.zip file
2. Launch roboventure.exe
3. Play!


Roboventure 1.0.zip 32 MB